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"Based on past experiences I have always dreaded when my car started acting up and I knew I had to bring it in for repair. It seemed like every time one thing was fixed, another, often more expensive problem bubbled up. Then I had a referral from Mike Gagnon of Mr. Gees Tire in New Boston to Brian Tremblay at Broken Wrench Repair. I was having a lot of oil leaking out of my 2011 Traverse and brought it into Brian to be looked at. Brian took the time to diagnose the situation and thought that the repair might be something that was covered by my 100,000 mile warrantee and that it could be fixed for free by the dealer. He made some phone calls and confirmed that it should be covered. I was thrilled! I took it into the dealership and while they were happy to fix my warrantee issue, another issue had arisen and they said it would cost me close to $1,000 to fix it. Not knowing what to do I called Brian and told him the situation. He spoke with his team and determined that it was feasible that the problem the dealer found was legitimate, but that it should only cost me a fraction of the price the dealer was charging. He quoted me the price for the part and an estimate for labor. Then after we had hung up, he called back again because he realized that since the dealer would have my engine apart for the warrantee fix, there should be little to no labor required for the quick fix I needed making it even less expensive.

I felt empowered to call back the dealer and question them and interestingly they cut the cost by about $300 but still were much higher than what I knew should be charged. So I had the dealer fix the warrantee part and brought my car back to Broken Wrench to have the other repairs done for hundreds less! It feels great to have a mechanic that is willing to go the extra mile, check out the facts and protect a customer from being overcharged by another repair shop. Hes won the trust of our family and Im happy to share our story so others can benefit from his great work as well. "

- Deb, Dunbarton, NH

"Broken Wrench has been nothing but great to work with. It seems like every month I have some sort of issue whether its with my truck or my toys. Regardless the guys over at broken wrench always have time for me. In this day and age thats priceless and why I will continue to go them for service."

- Scott, Londonderry, NH

"I started going to the Broken Wrench auto repair after trying numerous automotive repair shops. In the past I was very dissatisfied with the attention to detail other shops had provided. I found myself having to bring the vehicle back in for the same repair usually within 6 weeks. At the broken wrench they strive to insure you wont come back for the same repair as they inspect the complete vehicle during every visit. I have been extremely happy with the level of attention and the level of service they provide. I would recommend the Broken Wrench to all those who value their vehicle or truck. They have the ability to work on anything under the rainbow."

- Jason, Manchester NH

"Having a reliable mechanic to go to is very important. I plow for a living and when my truck is not working I am not making any money. Broken wrench has gone above and beyond for me and has alowed me to continue with my business. Without them I would be out of business, thanks Broken Wrench."

- Matt, Manchester

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